Apple TV 4: Control AirPlay content with Siri Remote

Apple TV 4: Control AirPlay content with Siri Remote: Apple’s latest set-top box allows the installation of apps that can be used to play music and films from providers such as YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix. But with AirPlay, you don’t always need a suitable app to occasionally output media content via the Apple TV. What few people know: The Siri Remote can also be used to control local streaming via AirPlay.

If you receive a YouTube link on the iPhone, for example via WhatsApp or via iMessage, you can easily and conveniently send the linked video to the Apple TV 4 via AirPlay. This is useful if you want to watch the video on a large TV and not on a small smartphone display. If the video is played on the TV, not only do the iPhone and iPad serve as remote controls, but you can also use the Apple TV remote control Siri Remote for some control commands: via the Start/Pause button or by clicking on the touch surface you can pause and continue the video. You can also use the Siri Remote to fast-forward and rewind in 10-second increments. To jump back, you have to click the touch surface on the left edge. To jump forward ten seconds, click the touch surface on the right edge.

Siri RemoteSiri Remote works in a similar way when you transfer music from a Mac, iPhone, or iPad to an Apple TV via AirPlay. You can pause and resume music playback with a click of the touch surface or the Start/Pause button. Clicking on the edges of the touch surface jumps back and forth in the playlist. If you hold down the button on the edge, you fast forward and rewind within the song. However, the Siri Remote can only be used as a remote control if the corresponding album cover is displayed. The album cover menu typically pops up after a minute, assuming there’s no other interaction other than adjusting the volume with the Siri Remote.


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