Coredy E300 wifi extender

Coredy Mini WiFi Range Extender, Access Point

Coredy has tried to add a unique touch to the design of its access point. This purple-colored device has 6 LEDs to show you that it has proper WAN and LAN connections. In other devices, you can find one light, while Coredy has integrated three lights for displaying the strength of the signal. However, there is no option for turning off the lights.

On the front side, you can find the WPS button that helps you in setting the connections very fast. There are also power switches on the left-hand side.

The wireless networking speed with the device can reach 300Mbps, and it covers all the rooms, gardens,s and garages of your property. Two high-gain antennas make the performance much better. You will also find two LAN ports, using the protocol 100Base-TX. However, this device also acts as a type of mini router and Media Bridge. To boost the Wi-Fi coverage, you have to connect the Ethernet ports to the wired units, like the gaming console and smart television.

The best fact is that the Wi-Fi extender works with Alexa, and thus, you can get its functionality in your doorbell, light switch, and security cameras.

The installation process is very easy. You have to hit the WPS button of your router and this wireless access point of Coredy. You may also use mobiles to deal with browser-based settings.


  • Low priced device
  • Small model
  • Easy setup


  • Unreliable bandwidth
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