TP-Link CPE210

TP-Link CPE210 2.4GHz Access Point 300Mbps

You may rely on this product not only for your personal use at home but also for your business. For your outdoor uses, you can choose this compact wireless device. As the best wireless access point for home, it helps you in getting a signal at a distance of more than 5km. During any climatic condition, you may operate the device. However, the temperature level has to range from -40F to 158F. The presence of a PoE Adapter is also advantageous as you will be able to reset the device remotely (up to a distance of 200 ft.

The integrated antenna of the device is much more advanced and dual-polarized. This MIMO directional antenna has shown good performance to the users. There is also a metal reflector in the design to reduce the interference of noise.

MAXtream TDMA Technology is another special feature of the device. With the increasing network scale, the base stations and CPEs may have collisions. To solve this issue, the manufacturer has used innovative technology. As the best wireless access point for home, this CPE210 has the centralized management application, Pharos Control to deal with the connected devices from one PC. It enables you to check the status, upgrade software, and discover devices.

The hardware parts of the devices are also reliable. The manufacturer has used the best quality materials for designing the unit. The device comes with enterprise-standard Qualcomm Atheros chipsets.


  • Best device for outdoor purposes
  • User-friendly design
  • High gain antenna
  • Includes centralized management tool


  • Complicated setup
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